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Mineral and Fossil Shows

We will take part in the following Mineral and Fossil Shows:

Data Name Location

Place of St. Petersburg paleontological Laboratory

December 14 - 17, 2018   Tokyo Mineral Show

  Tokyo, Japan

Bunka kaikan building,

Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Toshimaku, Tokyo, Japan

Hall - 1, Area L, Booth # A-16

January 26 - February 10, 2019  Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show  Tucson, AZ, USA

Space # 122, 124

Ramada Limited, 665 N. Freeway, Tucson, AZ

September 6 - 15, 2019

Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show


Denver, CO, USA



The Crown Plaza Hotel / Convention Center 

15500 E 40th Ave., Denver, Colorado 80011

Space # c-76


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Pseudosphaerexochus cf. pahnschi SCHMIDT 1881 Paraceraurus exsul (BEYRICH 1846) Illaenus schmidti NIESZKOWSKI 1857
Cyrtometopus clavifrons (DALMAN 1827) Asaphus lepidurus NIESZKOWSKI 1859 Asaphus punctatus LESSNIKOVA 1949
Asaphus punctatus LESSNIKOVA 1949 Asaphus raniceps DALMAN 1827 Delphasaphus delphinus (LAWROW 1856)
Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830 Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856 Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856
Bathyuriscellus siniensis (IVANTSOV 2005) Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus (STEINHARDT 1874) Rhinoferus kolenkoi (SCHMIDT 1898)
Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi SCHMIDT 1881 Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi SCHMIDT 1881 Krattaspis sp.
Toxochasmops cf. wesenbergensis (SCHMIDT 1881) Toxochasmops cf. wesenbergensis (SCHMIDT 1881) Toxochasmops extensus (BOECK 1838)
Paraceraurus exsul (BEYRICH 1846)  Cybele panderi SCHMIDT 1907  Cybele panderi SCHMIDT 1907
Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830 with Echinosphaerites
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