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Dear Sirs,

The book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia) has just been published!

The book about Russian Ordovician trilobites - hard cover  The book about Russian Ordovician trilobites - super cover


We would like to offer you the BOOK - the result of 10 years works of St. Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory team in scientific studying of the trilobites.

During about 20 years of works of our company we found and prepared more then 18000 specimens of Russian Ordovician trilobites. We selected several representative specimens for each species with further were used for the book. So, for preparing the book we had the biggest in the world collection of complete specimens of Russian Ordovician trilobites.

It is one of the biggest publications about the trilobites of the region and the newest description of 209 trilobite species founded near St. Petersburg. It's the first description of more then 100 Russian Ordovician trilobite species using good quality will prepared complete specimens - not fragments. All our high resolution photos of the trilobites were taken from complete specimens found by our company. We also used in this work almost all published data about the trilobites of the region, Ordovician stratigraphy and paleontology. 70 pages of reference list content more then 1600 publications

For each trilobite species we prepare the picture-reconstruction. Using this pictures and also special key tables you may easily identify your specimen.

The book will be useful for professional and amateur paleontologists, curators of paleontological museums, trilobite collectors and everybody interested in trilobites.


The book info:

Title: "Ordovician Trilobites of the St. Petersburg region, Russia"

Authors: V. Klikushin, A. Evdokimov, A. Pilipyuk

Number of pages - 544, full color
Language - English.
Number of trilobite photos and pictures - 691
Number of described trilobite species - 209

Height: 28.4 cm (11.3").
Width: 22 cm (8.8").
Thickness: 4 cm (1.6")
Weight: 2.4 kg


Price: $200 retail + shipping costs

$160 wholesale (shipping depends on total amount of wholesale order)


You may send you questions and requests on russian.trilobite@gmail.com

If you live your message in subscriptions list and did not receive any answer from us - please, send us your request once more.


Review of the book by ANDY SECHER

Ordovician Trilobites of the St. Petersburg Region, Russia

By V. Klikushin, A. Evdokimov, A. Pilipyuk

  For decades prior to the fall of communism in the late '80s, rumors of stupendous Russian fossil reserves had been reported by paleontologists lucky enough to have visited behind the Iron Curtain. Tightly sequestered rooms in major Soviet museums were practically bursting at the seams with material collected everywhere from the flat tundras of Siberia to the hilly Permian cliffs of Estonia.
  Those western scientists who had been invited on rare Russian field expeditions between the years of 1917 and 1989 often returned with glowing reports of strata bulging with ammonites, trilobites and vertebrate material of all sorts and ages. Yet, with most Soviet scientists having their interests focused upon more pressing matters than the collection of fossils, and with the notorious KGB as well as the Soviet government carefully regulating the export of their nation's "natural resources", few if any of these Eastern European treasures ever found their way out of their homeland and onto the open market.
  By the early '90s, however, all that had begun to change. At major fossil and mineral shows such as those held annually at Tucson and Munich, magnificent and unique Russian fossil specimens began to surface. And of all the Russian fossil material that suddenly began appearing in western markets at that time, little drew as much attention from the both the scientific and collecting community as the beautifully bizarre assortment of trilobites that were being pulled out of the hillsides along the Wolchow Valley near St. Petersburg. With their shiny caramel-colored exoskeleton contrasting dramatically against a light tan matrix, and incredible three-dimensional preservation, these ancient arthropods (400-450 million years old) soon became the rage of fossil collectors everywhere. Now, for the first time, a definitive work has been published on the Ordovician trilobites of Russia, and it may well rank as the most compelling and fascinating book ever put together on the subject of trilobites.
  Featuring 544 pages, filled with nearly 700 beautiful color photos of over 200 different trilobite species, Ordovician Trilobites of the St. Petersburg region, Russia, is a feast for both the eyes and mind. This coffee-table sized volume, which clocks in at an impressive 5+ pounds in weight, represents a decade's worth of cumulative work by the book's three authors. From the most common Asaphid to the rarest Lichid, they're all here in their surprisingly spinose glory... complete specimens that stand in sharp contrast to the often fragmentary material so often featured in scientific literature. Indeed, this is a work that will invariably prove useful to both the trilobite-obsessed collector as well as the most high-minded academic. With a listed retail price of $200, this is far from an inexpensive acquisition. But aside from the "classic" (and soon to be completely revised) 1959 treatise on trilobites, Ordovician Trilobites of the St. Petersburg region, Russia stands as the must-have volume for everyone even remotely interested in trilobites.



book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia)
book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia)
book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia)
book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia)
book about Russian Ordovician trilobites of the St. Petersburg region (Russia)


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Illaenus tauricornis KUTORGA 1848 Asaphus latus PANDER 1830 Asaphus punctatus LESSNIKOVA 1949
Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830 Lonchodomas rostratus (SARS 1835) Estoniops exilis (EICHWALD 1857)
Panderia triquetra VOLBORTH 1863 Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus (STEINHARDT 1874) Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856
Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856 Illaenus schmidti NIESZKOWSKI 1857 Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830
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