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Saint-Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory supplies the highest quality Russian fossils to museums, collectors and educational institutions around the world. Now we have the largest, most complete, and most detailed catalogue of the Russian fossils on the Internet.

Saint-Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory specializes in excavation, preparation and compilation of fossils collections from different Russian locations. We sell only real (natural) fossils - no reproductions! If a specimen has any reconstruction it will be noted.

The main idea of our price policy is strong correspondence between price and quality. You will see the maximum possible offering price differentiation for different fossil specimens we sell.

We guarantee every fossil we offer is correctly identified and has accurate geological location information. Saint-Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory has all required special permissions for collecting, posting and trading fossil specimens. Our business complies with the Russian legislation.

We are carrying out the global upgrade of our website. Until the end of the upgrade the contact and order forms on the website work not correct. For questions and order, please, contact us by email russian.trilobite@gmail.com

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Illaenus tauricornis KUTORGA 1848 Asaphus latus PANDER 1830 Asaphus punctatus LESSNIKOVA 1949
Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830 Lonchodomas rostratus (SARS 1835) Estoniops exilis (EICHWALD 1857)
Panderia triquetra VOLBORTH 1863 Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus (STEINHARDT 1874) Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856
Asaphus kowalewskii LAWROW 1856 Illaenus schmidti NIESZKOWSKI 1857 Asaphus cornutus PANDER 1830
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